Saturday, July 17, 2010

10 miles!!!!

10 miles today!!!! Never in my life have I ran that many miles all at once! What a rush! Our Disney Half is 13.1 so just a few more miles and there would have been my marathon. I've met some great people along the way who have been nothing but supportive and incredibly encouraging. Whether it's running alongisde each other yelling, "Go team!" as the miles seem to wear you out, or simply saying, "Hey, what a great fundraiser! How can I do that?" It's a journey that we've all taken on together, for individual reasons, yet one common goal. We believe in the cause, push ourselves mile per mile, dollar for dollar for LLS. Thanks to everyone who has donated, who has cheered me on, or for simply believing in me. I am three days away from recommitment--the day we need to tell Team in Training whether or not we want to continue our race or back out if we feel we cannot make the fundraising goal. Within the last few days, some of you have come through strong and it means the world to me. I don't want to give up this mission...I was the girl who jogged 3 miles a few times a week. My first day with TNT I thought, "How on earth am I going to run more than that?!?!?" Today I did 10 and I feel great! The way I see it, my pain will last a little less than two hours. The pain of a cancer patient can last months, years, or even result in death. My two hour battle is nothing compared to that. To all those fighting the battle or who have lost, my runs are for you! You are all heroes! GO TEAM!

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