Monday, July 30, 2012

Week One Completed

Week one was a success! I dropped 5 pounds on my first weigh in. The lady who took my weight down was surprised at how fast my first 5 came off. We all know the first week is the most successful…doesn’t anyone watch biggest loser? LOL! It’s the luck of week one. The numbers in the weeks to follow always tend to be much smaller.

Going in to week two was tough…it’s the darn weekend that always presents a challenge. Friday night I’d watched the Olympic opening ceremonies with my dad who loves his Bud Light on the weekends. I hadn’t seen him a long time since I’d been too busy training for Vineman. I couldn’t say no to having a drink with him and a couple slices of pizza (no cheese)...strike one for the weekend. Strike two came the next day as our city had its annual community festival which is host to a chili cook off. I’ve looked forward to this for months! I love chili. Lucky for me, we had 12 miles on our training schedule for the morning. I felt so sluggish from the night before and wanted to opt for the 8 miles the rest of the team was doing but I had a great partner out there with me who pushed me to do the 12. I love my TNT teammates for this. It felt great!

The weekend was not that good for me however  I remained active and went for a bike ride the next day and spent the entire day doing laundry and cleaning (that’s gotta burn some calories, right?). I gave myself a little room to splurge since I knew I was going to start a slightly new plan. I’d still track my WW points but this, I was truly stoked about…
I was chosen to win a two week workout plan from a trainer via Twitter. Fitness specialist, Shaun Spencer had posted a contest. His 1,000th follower would win a workout plan from him. A huge thanks to the person who Tweeted this because I’d won! I was so pumped. This could not have come at a more perfect time. I'd found out mid-week but wanted to give myself a few days to review the workouts and nutrition plan that he’d sent. “I can do this!” I thought.

I geared up for his plan over the weekend by going grocery shopping and turning my fridge into my fat-burning, healthy fueling, storage unit. From egg whites to grapefruit, green tea and Greek yogurt, I was gearing up for a new, more lean me.

I even bought myself a little cooler to store my lunch…yes, a cooler. You’d think I was packing lunch for a week! We all know the trick to losing weight is eating small meals 6 times a day. Well, hence why I need a whole cooler for my food. I packed my meal for Monday and could not wait to get started. Each day begins with 300 crunches and a different workout plan. Day one, a cardio circuit! Stay tuned for this one…week 2  begins!


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