Tuesday, April 3, 2012

And the Road to Vineman Begins...

After months of agonizing over a training program and weighing out the pros and cons of group training versus training on my own, I decided I would go with Vineman's online training program. For those who don't know what Vineman is, it's a triathlon event. There are two distances one week apart. I chose to sign up for the half Ironman distance. Why? That's a whole other story.

Well, the training plan finally landed in my inbox a few weeks ago with a start date of March 26th, just eight days after running the LA Marathon which was a MUCH better experience than last year. No rain this time, all smiles and a new PR!

Upon opening the program, my jaw dropped. Six days, no rest, ranging from 1:15 bike rides to 1200 meter swims, and a short brick consisting of a one hour ride followed by a 15 minute run all in the first week. Six days, no rest, that many meters in the pool and a brick already? Sheesh! After work social life...no more, room for a "feeling lazy pass"...no way, bf/family quality time, after training! Oh and did I mention I don't know how to clip in to a bike at this point?

I took my training plan and started seeing what I would and wouldn't be able to accomplish. My weekend was shot. I had a family and Team In Training commitment early Saturday and Sunday morning. As much as I wanted to cancel my plans, I had to learn to balance it all especially considering this was going to be the next four months of my life. I managed 4 out of 6 days of training with two swim sessions, a 15 mile bike ride, a (running) speed workout, and a short brick (16 miles on the bike followed by a two mile run). I noticed after the second time, I already felt stronger in the pool and clipping in, while I've not become an expert, I clipped in on both rides. My co-worker accompanied me on my first ride which helped me gain some confidence on the bike. We've committed to riding at least once a week and she now has regained the "cycling fever". Four falls, six bruises and one gash on my elbow later, I am determined to get stronger and stronger each day! And with that said, I need to get off my butt and go for a swim!

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