Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Finish Line Photo

I remember reading a post from a running buddy I follow on Twitter @RunnerLuis, about that very crucial point in every marathon...the finish line photo. I kid you not, I remembered his post as I neared the finish line at Long Beach--"Smile, look happy, don't look at your watch...look happy, smile, forget about the time!" I had to keep reminding myself that the results would be posted online and that clearing a finish line would be a happy moment. Most runners can relate to this...try not to look like you're so tired you want to cry. Alas, a decent finish line photo. Thanks @RunnerLuis

Photo finish, don't look at your watch, look happy!
Photo finish #2. I DID IT! Thank God!
This one's always my favorite. You've had a chance to catch your breath a bit, relish in your glory and say cheese!

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  1. Awesome!!! You look great in your pictures!! You look like you are having fun and enjoying the moment! That's what races are all about! Well done, runner!