Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bragging Rights or the Medal?

Just days after my first half marathon, I decided I would sign up for another one. This time I would be on my own, no Team In Training, no familiar faces along the course, just me, myself. and I. Why had I decided to do another one? I could barely walk after the race, my lower back was sore, and yes, ask Shaun, I was full of complaints that evening and had fallen asleep by 8 p.m. Guess I just wanted some sympathy or I was a glutton for punishment. Truth be told, I loved it! I loved the feeling of having done something I'd never imagined myself ever doing and because I hope to one day complete a full 26.2 miles.

So I chose to register for the Long Beach International City Bank Half Marathon taking place in just a few weeks. Why that one? The medal looks awesome!!! It has an image of a light house and the Queen Mary, both trademark elements of a city I once considered my home as a CSULB alumna! GO BEACH!

I had to ask myself, why did I want to do this? Was it to add another medal to the collection or to simply say, "Yeah I've done a half marathon." Well in my case, I must admit, it was the medal. No one goes around saying, "I'm a marathoner, well technically only a half but still, it's 13.1 miles." Just doesn't sound as interesting as a full. So until I make it to the full 26.2, I'm doing this for the medal!

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  1. I totally understand the addiction, Julie! I got hooked years ago and yes, the medals are a big plus. You must run the Nike San Francisco next year since your "medal" is a Tiffany's necklace handed to you on a silver platter by a tuxedoed fireman. I didn't even notice the fireman and I don't like Tiffany's jewelry BUT I love love love my medal!